The Ogre Is Out

Yes, I have finished the new ogre skin and it is now available for download. Here's a picture of it in-game:

Classic (faithful) Skins

Well, I have decided to remake all the skins into more faithful versions. As you can see, the grunt is done and so is the dog. Also, downloads will be available from the website only (turns out I'm lazy and don't want to update 2 things).
The skins will be released one by one in the order in which they appear in the game, so you know the ogre is next and then the knight (please correct me if I'm wrong).
I'm currently working on the scrag, so take a look:

New Grunt Skin

I made a new grunt skin that looks more like the original. Take a look:


A Wallpaper!

I made a wallpaper and thought I'd share it with you. It's for wide screen monitors (1680 x 1050).
Click the picture for the full version.

New Skins Coming Soon

I am currently working on reskinning the monsters in the 2nd expansion pack: "Dissolution Of Eternity", and I have completed reskinning the first expansion: "Scourge Of Armagon".

You can download that pack by clicking the link below:


Monster Pack #1 - Classic Quake

Well, here you go. This pack has hi-res skins for all the monsters found in the game. Some deviate a little from the original look, but still fit within the Quake universe.
You can download the pack by clicking the link below.


The purpose of this page is to offer those interested in hi-res skins for Quake. I'm not talking about multi player skins, but single player skins. Monster skins.
Many people have created hi-res texture packs, but that leaves the poor monsters looking out of place. Now you can have the monsters looking as good as the rest of the world in Quake.

The skins you will find here are mainly to be used with Qrack, but you can use any engine supporting 24-bit tga.

These skins were created at first to have the classic look, but eventually I'll add alternate skins so you can mix and match if you like.

Please feel free to comment. Feedback is always appreciated.